Houston, 07 of July 2017; OKITE® Introducing NATURE Collection, The heart of the house beats in all its veins.

The beauty of marble, beating heart for timeless masterpieces, comes into your designs giving a unique charm: five new stunning colors inspired by nature (8050 Statuario Extra, 8061 Carrara Gioia, 8062 Grigio Oriente, 8063 Fior di Bosco and 8064 Nero di Ormea), a mix of past and future for the eternal beauty.

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We are incredibly proud to call Houston our home since 2003. Hurricane Harvey has been a catastrophe like none other we have ever experienced. We are Houston Strong and we will recover and rebuild.

We have all been affected in one way or another by this historic event. Beyond all of the devastation, we find a community that has answered the call to help one another.

Helping others is part of our DNA and we believe that together we are better and stronger. For those who were affected by the storm or know someone is need, we’re here and available to help in any way we can, personally or professionally.

texas_1 If you are able to help those affected by the storm, we’ve assembled a list of organizations you may consider donating to.

The Greater Houston Community Foundation

United Way of Greater Houston

The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

The Justin J. Watt Foundation

Texas Diaper Bank

The SPCA of Texas

The Center for Disaster Philanthropy

The Salvation Army

Samaritan’s Purse

Coalition for the Homeless of Houston/Harris County



At Milan’s Fuori Salone, OKITE® – in collaboration with architect Marco Piva – makes its debut with new solutions for interior architecture and looks ready to conquer new sectors.

OKITE®, the internationally renowned brand specialising in worktops for the kitchen and bathroom, is about to start a new era. Gearing up for Milan Design Week with an impressive exhibition designed by Studio Marco Piva, the brand is set to showcase the intriguing new possibilities posed by its innovative material composed of up to 93% quartz.

From the United States to the United Arab Emirates via Europe and Asia, OKITE® – a 100% Made in Italy brand – has grown at global level thanks to its continuous innovation and is now further supported by the collaboration with architect Marco Piva. One of the biggest names in the contract design sector, Piva has conjured up a fresh interpretation of the properties of OKITE®, a cutting-edge material which counts robustness and aesthetic versatility as its main strengths.

The concept of the special art installation located at Corso Garibaldi 65 is Il Tempio di Archimede [The Temple of Archimedes], with the majestic setting offering a hi-tech spin on volume, perspective and primordial geometric patterning. A triumph of shape and colour whose focal point is an imposing tub oozing symbolic value, the project showcases a comprehensive picture of the infinite possibilities offered by OKITE®. Indeed, the brand’s formal purity and highly practical qualities mean it is the ideal solution for interior decoration, capable of taking residential, commercial and hotel spaces to the next level thanks to a strong contemporary identity. And there is no better example of this than the Translucent collection, available in three varieties: the semi-transparent surfaces are back lit using LED lights to create a unique scenic effect.

OKITE® is the leading brand in the quartz surfaces sector. Quartz is one of the most resistant materials in the natural world, making it one of the most appealing for multi-functional surfaces. Resistant to stains, heat and scratches, quartz is five times stronger than granite. It’s also non-porous, easy to clean, requires minimal maintenance and is the perfect material for creating natural spaces with high scenic impact.

OKITE® and Studio Marco Piva are taking advantage of the Milan Design Week spotlight to unveil two more prestigious initiatives: the main sponsorship of the charity project promoted in collaboration with Oxfam and the Via Durini Association, plus the exhibition of design works in the Hogan boutique in Via Montenapoleone.

The Project as a research tool

In Venice, in conjunction with the opening of the 15th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale, Marco Piva inaugurates his own exhibition “Designing The Complexity – Materials Colors Textures”, focused on the aesthetic and functional research behind the contemporary design planning.

OKITE®, leading brand in the quartz surfaces market, presents a new generation of stones created to offer elegant, multifunctional solutions for interior decorations.

With its formal purity, highly functional qualities and a mix of natural and high-tech features, OKITE® represents a perfect interior decoration solution to enhance any environment with its striking contemporary style.

It’s ideal for hotels, restaurants, luxury homes, boutiques and offices and any other residential or commercial space to be enhanced with a distinctive identity and a cutting-edge look

The location is the “Scuola Grande della Misericordia”, a building attributed to Sansovino, an Italian sculptor and architect of 1500, just reopened after the renovation works by “Gruppo Umana”.

The exhibition is displayed at the ground floor, which is divided into three naves by twin columns, while upstairs, in the great hall,  it’s possible to see frescoes painted by Paolo Veronese‘s school.

The exhibition starts from the theme of architecture, which is presented “in action”, through 6 videos that illustrate the design’s activities of Studio Marco Piva, each one focusing on individual aspects necessary for the realization of an architectural or design work.

The aim is to narrate the design process: from the concept phase to the development, through the selection of materials, technical design and construction phases, until the completion.

An indispensable research path in today’s design, that reveals the soul that lies within each work.

revolution_Milan, October 2016_OKITE®, a brand that is internationally the most widely used quartz surfaces for worktops in the kitchen, has launched a new website
Graphics, content and navigation experience completely renovated and waiting to be discovered. acts as a tool for discovering news, initiatives and creative ideas in the world of quartz surfaces under the OKITE® brand.

Through the portal, featuring a next generation web design, you can find out the latest news about the OKITE® world, the full range of products, the events and many curiosities.

In addition, the site contains a direct link to the professional area, a space reserved to furniture and design professionals.

A wide range of photographs that talks about OKITE® ideas and successes from applications in the kitchen to the bathroom and in any room of the house, from the coverings of prestigious flagship stores of major national brands to the creation of real works of art.

The new OKITE® portal leaves nothing to chance and comes with completely revamped simple graphics layout, intuitive and appealing that represents the characteristics of the brand: tradition and innovation Made in Italy with a great attention to the customer, that may benefit from a highly user-friendly, dynamic, fast and accurate interface in every detail.



OKITE® latest Collection officially revealed in Verona: NATURE Collection, The heart of the house beats in all its veins :

OKITE®NATURE Collection. The heart of the house beats in all its veins

Verona, 18-19 of May 2017; OKITE® latest “Nature Collection” has been officially revealed to a selected network of business operators.

The beauty of marble, beating heart for timeless masterpieces, comes into your designs giving a unique charm: five new stunning colors inspired by nature (8050 Statuario Extra, 8061 Carrara Gioia, 8062 Grigio Oriente, 8063 Fior di Bosco and 8064 Nero di Ormea), a mix of past and future for the eternal beauty.

Feel the beauty of timeless surfaces. A stylish Collection reflecting all the properties of the OKITE® products and embodying elegance and sophistication. 5 new colours bring you into a “new exciting world”. Made in Italy, Creativity, Technology, Design, Quality all in one Product. This is the new OKITE® Nature Collection: the eternal beauty is not so unreachable anymore, it is only a step closer.

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